Working Hair Spray

This spray does not coat the hair but becomes part of the hair, repairing and at the same time holding the style.

Use this spray as a styling aid when blow drying or for quick touchups. Be sure to stay 12-16 inches from the hair when spraying. Spray lightly over the finished style. No other spray is needed. This will give you shine and direction and keep the style until the next shampoo. May be used on bleached or tinted hair.

This spray is a combination of micro fibers, natural organic extracts from plants, seeds, and oils, and co-polymers for bigger, thicker hair. It is water soluble to prevent buildup. Extremely earth friendly.

You can use a combination of Glaze ‘n Shine and Working Spray to make the glaze stiffer and harder so the hair will stand up straight. This is a real styling tool!

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