This is another Mondo Verde exclusive in new technology and science.

The working ingredient, L-cysteine, is an amino acid that helps maintain healthy hair growth. This will bond with proteins and keratin to repair hair that has been processed with any type of chemical or damaged by wind, sun, or thermal tools.

The color fill in the formula retains and repairs color and prevents fading. For strong, luxurious, shiny hair follow these simple directions.

Either before blow drying or naturally drying the hair, mist with Preferred Porosity Equalizer and proceed with styling. If the ends still feel rough, mist again and brush through.

This is wonderful during the summer when the heat and sun damage the hair or in the winter when the humidity drops very low and hair becomes dry.

Directions: After shampooing the hair with one of our fine Mondo Verde shampoos towel dry the hair.Holding the bottle 18-20" from the hair, lightly mist with Preferred Porosity Equalizer before blow drying to equalize the porosity of the hair so the brush doesn’t catch at the ends and the porosity is the same throughout. This product can be used again and again – you can’t over apply – the hair simply gets fuller, shinier, more luxurious and healthier. Wonderful to remoisturize your skin. Preferred Porosity Equalizer belongs at your station and in your customer’s bag for quick touchups

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