Sweet Water

At this time, nothing exists that is close to it. The Sweet Water neutralizes all the chemicals (sulfate or non-sulfate) found in your shampoo. When performing chemical services the cuticle is raised and the cortex is unwound, thus the hair swells as it absorbs more water. This action is extremely damaging to the hair. What Sweet Water does is reduce the damage by neutralizing the chemicals and flushing them out, rewinding the cortex tighter and stronger as it lays the cuticle down. With 3.1 on the PH scale it gives strength to the hair while allowing it to remain flexible.

COLOR SAFE AND PERM SAFE! In fact, it produces better curl and deeper color.

After shampooing the hair with Mondo Verde Clean Start Shampoo, squeeze the excess water from the hair, or if you prefer, you may towel dry. Set the squirt nozzle to a stream and saturate the hair until it begins to drip. You will notice that a milky substance and foamy product will form on top of the hair. This is the neutralization action. While at the shampoo bowl, squeeze excessive amount out of the hair with your hands DO NOT RINSE and apply Moisture Maintenance sealer over the Sweet Water and work it in.

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