Moisture Maintenance

This seals rather than conditions the hair. After applying Sweet Water to the hair, and squeezing out the excess amount, put ample amount of Mondo Verde Moisture Maintenance in the palm of your hand, rub both hands together to start the penetrating action, and work through the hair from the front to the back. Make sure all hair is saturated. This is the most important thing you do each time your customer comes into the salon or after coloring or foil frosting, perm waving, relaxers, or any chemical service. Please remember Moisture Maintenance is a sealer, not a conditioner. You do not need a conditioner after this treatment. Hair will be silky and smooth, and will dry in half the time.

For hair that has been relaxed with sodium hydroxide, please reverse the two. First Moisture Maintenance then, on top of the Moisture Maintenance, Sweet Water. This will give enormous strength to the hair, reducing the damage of the sodium hydroxide. You will absolutely love it and will have beautiful silky hair to work with.

This process only takes about 1 ½ to 2 minutes from start to finish. Whenever you use a conditioner you are applying a “coating” of oils or animal protein so that the hair combs easily. You are not fixing the problem. You’re not laying down the cuticle or rewinding the cortex.

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